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I'm Rachael.

I'm a UX writer and content designer based in Chicago. Though my focus is content creation, I'm also a certified UX / UI designer.

My background is in theatre and comedy. I bring my storytelling and "creating for audiences" experience to my highly collaborative and fast-paced content creation approach. Narratively, I prefer to cast the user as the hero with the product in the supporting role.

I love creating products that connect people to their goals, benchmarking the outcomes, and then relentlessly improving both the product and the experience. Listening is what I do best—it's what allows me to consistently balance business and user needs. Who knew words could do so much?

Feel free to get in touch. I'm a fashion addict and clothes horse. I love cultural commentary. I'm currently in the market for a midi sampler—if you know what that is or how it works, we need to chat.

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